McGill’s Hairdressing August Newsletter


Our Product Of The Month has to be…. Davines’ Minu Hair Mask.

Colouring your hair is an investment, which is why using the correct products for your newly coloured hair is so important. All too often, we spend money on the end goal without giving maintenance a second thought. This is where problems can occur: colour fades too quickly; hair is dehydrated from overuse of heated tools, plus the other chemical process….. colour.

We recommend applying Mini Hair Mask once a week to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Apply to mid-lengths and ends first, and then comb through and wrap in a towel for 10-15 minutes. The heat from your scalp wrapped in the towel allows the product to get to work in the most imporant areas; usually the ends.

The natural ingredient, caper blossom, helps to illuminate your colour. It’s a hair mask that doesn’t doesn’t weigh your hair down…. FACT.   Davines’ Minu Hair Mask costs just £20.20.

Congratulations, Robyn!

Education is paramount to us at McGill’s Hairdressing, which is why helping Robyn build her skill set and confidence with gents was so important to us. Following weekly training sessions with Garry since February and a trip to the Blue Tit Academy in London last month to complete her training, Robyn is now takings bookings on the salon floor. This quiet cookie lets her hairdressing do the talking.

Lunch Time & Late Availability

Are you always on the go and don’t know where you’ll be one day from the next? Help is at hand. With an ever-growing society of busybodies, finding time for your next hair appointment can be a challenge.

Each morning, we’ve made things a bit easier for you. Either head to Instagram and check our story for lunchtime slots, or go to our website’s Late Availability page and book online – simple.

P.S. If you don’t follow us on social media…. you should. Check Sarah’s posts for yourself lol.

Our Secret Is Coming Out But We Need Your Help.

Since January, Maya and I have been working on a goal thats highly important to us as a brand; a scalp clinic. With huge demand for unrealistic colour transformations, and extensions to give you thick, long hair in four hours (sometimes less), it’s no wonder people turn a blind eye to the very thing that would allow you all this. A healthy scalp = healthy hair, and healthy hair means your possibilities are endless.

At McGills, we believe in sustainable beauty, which is why we are offering a complimentary service to test the effects of the Davines Natural Tech range on the different scalp conditions listed below. This will take place over a 12-week period, and will include one in-salon treatment per week as well as products for you to use at home.

  • Oily/dry dandruff
  • Dull, white, non-rosy scalp
  • Irritated scalp with itchiness and inflammation
  • Hair loss due to hormonal factors
  • Dehydrated and poorly nourished scalp with damaged brittle hair
  • Hair loss from stress or seasonal factors
  • Fine hair that is lacking elasticity
  • Overly oily scalp

Interested in taking part? Give us a call on 0131 228 8882.


That feeling when you and your best friend both get 30% off your new summer colour with McGill’s ‘Recommend A Friend’.

When you recommend someone to come see us, they will receive 30% off their first visit, and you will get 30% off your next visit.

That’s just one of the fabulous offers we have on offer. Check out our hairdressing offers page to see the rest of our deals.

One Of Our Core Values Is Sustainable Beauty

It all began when we opened our doors back in 2013 by turning on that first lightbulb. At McGills, where sustainability is a priority, we only use energy-saving lightbulbs and cruelty-free products. We have succeeded in recycling 80% of our waste, and we carefully select our suppliers to make sure they fit in with out brand ethos, hence why we picked Davines (The beautiful brand).

Davines is relatively unknown to most, but known massively within the hairdressing industry. Davines wants to create zero-impact salons, caring for the environment by using 40% less plastic than any other producer of hair and beauty products. Products free from paragon, sulphate, and PDPs, Davines invest in many sustainable products worldwide and have just opened their very own village in Italy where all the ingredients are sourced and grown locally.

Our trendy and quirky Tollcross salon has talented stylists that care about what colouring and hair products are used on our clients’ scalp or skin. We want our clients to feel they have been truly looked after with luxury, uncompromised products.

If you haven’t experienced our warm, cosy and eco-friendly salon, now is the time for change. We are not just a salon, we are a lifestyle and an experience.

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