Common Styling Mistakes with Curly Hair

Common Styling Mistakes with Curly Hair

You’ve washed your hair, shampooed, conditioned, even deep conditioned. Now you’re ready to style it. You look in the mirror, and all you see is chaos.

How did this happen?

A lot of women with curly hair commit mistakes when it comes to styling their hair. Check out our list below and you’ll probably find one that applies to you.

– Flipping your head over when washing or styling your hair. This causes tangles, a lot of them, making your hair look like a bird started nesting in it.

– Not using haircare  products correctly. Instructions were put on labels for a reason. Curly hair needs more product because of its texture. The inside of the hair is very similar to a sea sponge and curly hair has bigger and more empty spaces to fill. If the directions say to apply liberally, then do so.

– Using the wrong tools to detangle hair. Untangle your curls with a wide-tooth comb or even just your fingers. Twist small sections around your fingers and let them dry naturally. This really helps define your curls.

 – Using too many products at the same time. Two or three products mixed and applied together may work. But a ton of products combined drains all the natural moisture out of your hair and creates excessive product build up. Talk to us, and we’ll help design a hair care regimen that’s right for you.

– Going without a styling product. Using a styling product to minimize frizz and maximize hold is a must. We recommend the No Worries Salon “Stay”, perfect for keeping the curls in place and the humidity away!

You’re already  spending time and effort in taking care of your hair, so you should get the results you want. These simple, tried and true techniques work. Book a finishing lesson with us to learn how to really work your curls

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