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Award-Winning Hair Colour Services at McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh

Hair Colour, McGills Hairdressing Salon in EdinburghLet Edinburgh's award winning hair colour salon take care of you, whether its full head colour, highlights, balayage or flamboyage. Our creative experienced stylists will advise on face shapes, skin tones, lifestyle and maintenance.

A vision is not always known by a client but our talented stylists can help create this vision and will explain the whole process and time scale involved in reaching the end result. We never overlook the importance of your hair's condition and make keeping your hair healthy a top priority throughout every service.

The expert hair colour technicians at McGills have created custom hair colour care packages to ensure that your hair colour stays as vibrant as if you've just walked out of the salon. Find out more about our colour packages here.


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Why Try McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh?

Our clients shout out massively about our attentive consultations and the time we spend questioning what you like and dislike about your hair. We want to hear the smallest detail, whether it is a problem with regrowth, being too light/dark, maybe you feel the blend of colours could be better or softer for your skin tone/ eye colour?

Maybe you want your colour to compliment what is in your wardrobe or lifestyle trends? Do you want a stylist who actually listens to you and produces the results you want? Then we are truly the salon for you. We have carried out extensive research into creative colouring on all hair types. This has allowed us to create hundreds of individual colours to suit all our clients needs. 

Did you know? We only use ranges of natural colour which has no PPD’s which is usually the cause of allergic reactions.

Your Hair Colour Consultation

If you are considering a new hair colour we can help you achieve the perfect hair colour for you.  We start off with a free no-obligation professional consultation.  This will include a moisture and protein analysis of the hair, a scalp analysis, and an analysis to determine your skin tone.

We will discuss the look you want to achieve and assess the colour options and techniques available.  If you are new to hair colouring, we will patch test you 48 hours before your appointment to make sure you do not have any allergies to our products. To book a consultation at our hair salon in Edinburgh call us on 0131 228 8882.

Balayage Hair Colour

the most asked for colour award-winning hair salon in Edinburgh is balayage and its not diffilcult to understand why when you see the sensational looks we’ve created. Balayage is a french word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ it allows for a sunkissed, natural look, Similar to what nature gave us as children. The great thing with balayage is that it’s very low maintainence as the colour is distributed through the mid lengths and ends of your hair meaning you leave your natural colour at the root. We recommend to visit the salon every 12 weeks for a refresh. 



Flamboyage is a mix of the balayage and highlight technique which allows for a low maintanence placement of colour. It can be used on all hair types to add creative flashes or panels to a very subtle colour that will have no regrowth. It’s a sticky strip ( like foil) that is placed onto your hair and the pulled away, picking up random hairs to give a very natural effect or very edgy effect depending on the colours chosen. Depending on you chosen colours will change the maintanence required. This will always be advised in our consultations. 


Highlights is a placement of foils that can distribute colour equally through the hair from root to ends using a huge variety of colours. It can be done for a very natural effect or for a more dramatic contrast of colours. Highlights usually require a bit more maintanence, we recommend 6-8 weeks visits for upkeep. 

Face Framing Highlights

One of the biggest trends which we have seen emerging recently is the face framing, or "money piece", highlights. Whether you decide to go all retro with chunky face-framing streaks a la Ginger Spice, or you desire subtle blonde face-framing highlights to compliment your blonde balayage, we think this is one hair colour trend that is here to stay. 

Even better, we can create brightening face-framing highlights in all colours, ask your McGills hair colour specialist for advice on which face framing highlight shade will work best for you. 

Hair Colour Correction at Edinburgh's Award Winning Hair Colour Salon 

Did you know that we are experts when it comes to correcting hair colour disasters you may have experienced at home or elsewhere?  We can help get your hair back to a lovely colour and make it stronger and healthier again.  One of the newest innovations in hair care is the incredible K18 which is a hair repair treatment.  It can be applied during the hair colouring process to protect your hair. 

Beautiful Brunette or Black Hair Colours

We can create deep, rich brunettes, dark caramel browns and jet black hair colours using the stunning range of Davines hair colours.

Fiery Red Hair Colours

There are numerous techniques we can use to add copper or red tones to your hair.  We can opt for a full head of colour or we can add highlights or lowlights.  Some people prefer to build their colour up gradually so they can get used to the new colour, while others want a more dramatic transformation.

Blonde Hair Colours at McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh

If you are longing for beautiful blonde hair colour, we can help you achieve a blonde tone that will suit you.  We can add highlights to darker hair to give a sun-kissed look, or pre-lighten your hair to help you achieve a lighter blonde hair colour.

Fashionable Hair Colours

Hair colour has never been so exciting!  There are so many different colours to choose from so if you want to experiment with a fashion colour or technique, come and talk to your McGills Stylist for advice. We can create a huge variety of on trend colours, including pastel hair colours, white blondes, hot pinks and bright blues to ombre or dip-dyed hair effects.

Covering Grey Hair & Root Re-Growth

If your grey hair is beginning to show or your hair colour is growing out, we can use hair colour to cover these problem areas. Today’s hair colours give incredible depth and shine so you can rest assured your hair will look in great condition.

Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh

Book your hair colour appointment at our hairdressing salon in Edinburgh. Book online or give us a call on 0131 228 8882 or pop into our Home Street salon. 

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