Are You Frightened to Colour Your Hair?

Have you ever considered colouring your hair, but been too afraid to do so? You are certainly not alone!

This anxiety is something felt by many people ahead of making a change to their hair colour.  You may be wondering why you should change something that you have grown up with and become used to, a colour that you know works for you and you get complimented on.

Well, as we all know… change is a good thing.

It might be that you are getting to the age where fashion is starting to be more important to you, or you feel you need a fresh change to your image.

Colouring your hair can be fun and exciting, but the thought of making such a drastic change can leave you feeling apprehensive. When thinking about hair colouring, people often ask the following questions:

  • How do you go about picking colours that suit you?
  • How do you describe what you want to the colourist?
  • Would your hair be damaged in the process?
  • What if the colour turns our completely different to what you had imagined?

At McGills Hairdressing, we understand the anxiety felt when considering having your hair coloured, and our experienced stylists and colourists and here to help you every step of the way.

Our colourists make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We like to think of our experienced stylists like scientists, who combine formulas and artistic flair to help you choose the perfect shade and style for you; one that suits your lifestyle, skin tone and face-shape.

Our stylists will test your hair ahead of colouring it to make sure that the results are achievable, and the outcome will be exactly what you expect. Once it is confirmed that your desired colour will work for your hair, our team will give you an in-depth breakdown of the process involved.

We will inform you of the timeframe required to reach your desired goals, as well as a full explanation of the process required to achieve the results without causing any damage to your hair.

A tailored experience.

Helping you to find the perfect colour, and making you feel comfortable with the change you are making, is of paramount importance to our stylists. Our ethos at McGills Hairdressing is to provide you with an experience that is specifically tailored to your needs.

We care about more than just your hair. Our mission is to provide you with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a memorable experience. We also care about the environment, and for this reason we use only the best, sustainable hair products, free from Paraben, Protoban, and Sulphates.

More than just a hair salon, McGills Hairdressing genuinely provides an experience that offers 100% client satisfaction guaranteed.

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