How To Mix Your Hairstyling Products For Salon Worthy Hair

How To Mix Your Hairstyling Products For Salon Worthy Hair
How To Mix Your Hairstyling Products
For Salon Worthy Hair

Here’s a handy list of products to use to design the exact look you want:

• For sleek, shiny hair – Mix hair oil and heat protectant. The heat protectant prevents blowdrying damage and just a bit of hair oil adds a glossy finish!

• Natural Volume – Apply detangler and volumizing spray. Yes, volumizing sprays are super, but you still want your hair to have movement with height. First, spray your hair all over with the detangler then apply the volumizing spray only to the roots. Blow dry as usual and enjoy both volume and natural, bouncy hair.

• Piece-y Textured Hair – Apply volumizing spray with styling wax. This is especially good for those with limp, fine hair or frizz. Spray the volumizing spray to the back of your hair, then blow dry. Apply styling wax to the ends of your hair or to flyaways. For firmer hold, apply styling wax before you blow dry.

• Beachy Waves – Mix leave-in conditioner with a styling wax. The leave-in conditioner will create a slight curly texture to your hair. The styling wax will keep frizz at bay.

• Glossy, Tight Ringlets – Mix anti-frizz shine serum and leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner keeps curls hydrated and the anti-frizz shine serum tames both flyaways and boosts glossiness. Start slow and gradually layer the products on your curls. You can mix products together (with your fingers) or use them separately.

• Dirty Hair Boost – Mix dry shampoo and volumizing hair spray. Keep greasiness away all day with this pairing! The dry shampoo gets rid of build up and volumizing hair spray adds height from ends to roots!

Source: www.totalbeauty.com

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