Bond. Hair Bond.

Bond. Hair Bond.
Bond. Hair Bond.

Could this really be the James Bond of hair care? We certainly didn’t think so, at first. How was it even possible that this product could make such incredible claims—and live up to them!

Olaplex goes way beyond hair conditioning. Instead, it goes straight to the problem. With 8 worldwide patents soon to be published, Olaplex is the insurance that your hair will look and feel like celebrity hair.

But it’s more than that. With Olaplex, we can now take hair colour further than ever before without damage or breakage!

• Blondes get blonder with high shine and tons of body and bounce.

• Bayalage colour is vibrant!

• Over processed curly hair gets back its natural wave pattern. Hair is beautiful, strong, and manageable. (When was the last time that happened?)

• Damaged hair actually gets repaired. Yes, really!

• We can now perm bleached hair with no damage or breakage.

• We can now bleach permed hair with no damage or breakage.

How is this possible?

Let’s start with what happens to hair when is chemically altered. The bonds in the hair split apart, causing damage. That’s why deep conditioning has been so important. It prevents further damage, but it doesn’t get to the real cause of the problem.

Olaplex does. It finds the broken bonds and links them back together. When applied before and after any chemical treatment, it preserves the integrity of the hair and multiplies the bonds within the hair shaft.

The result is truly a breakthrough in the chemistry of hair repair! And once you feel the incredible difference, you’ll want to keep those results all the time. That’s what Hair Perfector does for you at home.

A once a week treatment, it keeps your hair celebrity soft, rich and red carpet worthy!

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