When To Skip Foiling And Go For Balayage!

If you love that sun-kissed look with your hair, you’re not alone. A ton of celebrities love it, too. Jennifer Aniston is the most famous poster child for beachy, sun-kissed hair.

There’s a big reason this look has so many of our clients, not just celebrities, hooked. It’s so natural looking! The technique used to achieve this look is called balayage, and it means to sweep.

With foiling, we take a 4-5 inch section of your hair and highlight it. This technique is great when you want to lighten larger areas of your hair.

Balayage, on the other hand, works the opposite way. The color is strategically placed, sectioning off ¼” to ½” triangular pieces. It’s also less damaging.

Each technique has its place, but if you want a truly natural, sun-kissed look, go for balayage highlights.

The “less is more” approach to highlighting gives your hair more vitality and dimension without the damage. Hair looks richer and it’s definitely healthier.

And for curly girls, balayage is a perfect choice. Balayage is more natural and sexy! It enhances the sparkle of your natural hair color.

So straight or curly, ask your stylist about the beautiful benefits of balayage today!

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