Sustainability at McGills

McGills Hairdressing in Edinburgh is a Sustainable Salon

Sustainable Salon, McGills Hairdressing in Edinburgh

Being as sustainable as possible is one of our top priorities at McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh and we are always looking for ways to be better for the environment in everything we do. 

This is why we have partnered with Salon Sustainability

We have always done our best to reduce our waste as much as possible but unfortunately waste like used foils, colour tubes, hair cuttings and excess colour chemicals aren't recycled by local councils. Salon Sustainability recycle the unrecyclable, meaning we can recycle all these things as well as all our paper, cardboard and plastics. This means that at least 95% of our salon waste will now be recycled and repurposed! 

We are super excited about this system and making sure that almost every single piece of salon 'rubbish' will be turned into something new. 

This is how our salon waste will be recycled:

  • Hair cuttings will be turned into 'Booms' which are large mats that mop up oil spills in the ocean or it will be used for farming compost
  • Used foils, product canisters and metal colour tubes will be turned into new aluminium and metal products like bike and car parts
  • Toxic colour waste will be reduced and prevented from going into our waterways. 


How You Can Help Us Be More Green!

Because of all the good work Salon Sustainability do, there is a charge for collecting and organising the salon waste. 

So we need your help. We will be introducing a 'Green Fee' of £1 to all services to cover the cost of this amazing service. 

This fee is optional so if you wish to opt out then just let your stylist know when they are processing your bill. 

Sustainable & Charitable Living at McGills

We have chosen Salon Sustainability not only for their great work with recycling but also their work with charity. 100% of any profits made from recycling salon waste goes directly to supporting Hair & Beauty Benevolent, a charity dedicated to helping professionals in the hair and beauty industry, and their families, if they find themselves facing hard times due to ill health, bereavement or injury.

They also work with charitable partner The Enham Trust who are a social enterprise and leading disability charity, to offer fair employment opportunities to people living with disabilities.

Keep an eye out for our new recycling bins when you next visit the salon! 

The McGills Team 


Sustainable Salon, McGills Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh

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